01. NeckProtect

NeckProtect by Centa-Star is the world’s first neck support pillow that works where the pain is.

Night after night the pillow gives support to the lower cervical spine C5 – C7, relieves the pressure sensitive upper cervical vertebrae C1 & C2, so that the neck returns to its natural ‘C’ shape. The double curved shape of the pillow and the different heights of the ribs allow you to adjust the level of support on the anatomic “hot spots” (C2 – C7).

This pillow supports the natural lordosis of the cervical spine and gently corrects abnormal postures of everyday life, taking away the cause of many different types of pain while you sleep.

It is available in four levels of firmness and is perfect for those who prefer to sleep either on their back or side. The height can also be adjusted with an insert.

As an optional accessory, side pillows can be attached to the NeckProtect Pillow to provide additional support and remain in place even with the most active of sleepers. The raised hand supports aim to prevent strain on the arm, to provide comfort to the shoulder girdle where tension is often stored.